Paintballing in Johannesburg

In the centre of the concrete jungle of Johannesburg, with its cut throat executive soldiers, in their smart black and white suits, endlessly fighting amongst themselves for the top spot on the corporate ladder, someone with a sense of humour suggested a game of paintball. And it caught on.

Now there are a whole bunch of places in Jozi where you can shoot your buddies at point blank range, splattering them till they are black and blue (or green or orange or pink!). Whether you’re looking to release all that inner tension you have buried inside, channel the warrior within, or just take all your frustration out (legally), here are all the paintballing hotspots around Johannesburg.

If you’re in a hurry, The Woods Paintball is just ten minutes away from Fourways Mall, on Riversands Farm. They are open 7 days a week, so you can take out your tension any day of the week (between 9am and 6pm! Just phone them beforehand and make a booking. No need to pack too much as they have a paintball shop on site along with ablutions and a kiosk with refreshments and snacks. You can find them on

If you like playing strategies, Point-Blank-Paintball is the place to go! With their different types of games you’ll have to think on your feet, work as a team and keep going till you win! Point-Blank-Paintball are determined to ensure you have fun and are safe at all times, and with their competitive prices and well run facility, you can be sure of both. Find them at

Field 19 Paintball is a strong contender in the paintball business that stands out among its competitors. Well maintained and professional, this facility sets the standard for epic paintball battles and sets the perfect scene for any attack. They have 4 different fields to choose from as well as a braai area and kiosk for a bit of post war R&R. You can find them at

Centrally situated in the heart of Bryanston, is Battlezone Paintball. With a wide variety of fields with realistic scenarios, this facility offers a full throttle experience. If you’re an avid paintballing enthusiast, you may be intrigued by their pro shop, which can stock you up with all the guns and ammunition you’ll need for your warfare. Find them at

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